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 Blowing Off Steam, Sat Sept 30 Midmorning, Open
Bryce Shannon
 Posted: Oct 1 2017, 02:45 PM

Bryce Shannon

Teagan / Human / Members

All the chaos in his life had Bryce throwing himself even harder into his workout routine than usual. It was probably the only thing keeping the headaches at bay. After a few suicides to warm up and stretch out his knee, he grabbed a ball and threw up a couple free throws. It wasn't anywhere close to a real game, in fact some days it was downright depressing playing here on the rec center court, but it was all he had left of his dreams.

There were a few people around, but most of them were focused enough on their own work outs that he was able to let his guard down and goof around a little, doing dribbling tricks and tossing up a few harder shots. Anything to keep him moving and keep his mind off of everything going on with Kasey his worry for her. It didn't take long to get a little bit of sweat started and a nice adrenaline buzz going. He stepped off to the side to take a few sips from his water bottle and catch his breath. It felt good to take a little time for himself, almost as if everything were back to normal.
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