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 Welcome To The Jungle, Go Go Power Rangers :P
Serena Fitzpatrick
 Posted: Oct 15 2017, 03:47 PM

Serena Fitzpatrick

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It was a beautifully sunny Saturday morning in the small Kansas town of Brightwood, barely a cloud in the sky and for those with the proper appreciation, quite a picturesque glimpse of small town America.

Serena Fitzpatrick was NOT one of those with appreciation.

In fact she looked both quite miserable and bored as she sat lounging on the steps leading up to Horizon High School, doomed to community service rather than able to enjoy the weather and wonderful day for what it was. Instead of spending time with her friends and family, she would be stuck picking up trash out in the woods for most of the day, and all cause a couple of rich little bitches had the money and backing of their far more ‘upstanding community member’ parents and she was just the spawn of a biker and known criminal who’d fractured the jaw of one of the girls for bullying her slightly younger cousin Trista. In the end, it was only her that got punished for the incident and that did less than nothing to help her mood.

One little plus however was the nasty little gifts of dogshit that the other girls would find in their lockers come Monday, the only real reason that she had bothered to come for pick-up at the high school instead of meeting the prison bus at the state park in an hours time. It is the thought of her revenge that finally puts a small, satisfied smirk on Serena’s face as she leaned her back against the concrete rise bordering the stairs and stuffed her earbuds in before cranking up her mp3 player with Mudvayne. Then she closes her eyes and just waits for the others to show up so they could get the bullshit on the road and over with.
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