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 Zyx' Stick Figures, Plotters
 Posted: Sep 28 2017, 02:01 PM


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Jamin has been a heroin addict for 17 years. His 14 year old son barely knows him, because he hasn’t wanted to see him. more importantly, his ex-wife hasn’t wanted him to go near their son if he was using. Jamin used to play soccer and baseball before he started taking heroin. Now, that he has been clean for six months, he has started coaching the soccer team at the rec center. This allows him to workout and give back to the community. He hopes one day that his son will be able to come out to brightwood to visit him.

As a coach, he is friendly and is able to talk with all kinds of people. He would help people out at his Narcotics Anonymous meetings and no doubt be a mentor to some people. He would no doubt work on his anger management, which he believes was an issue when he took heroin. He would also want friends outside of the coaching and the narcotics anonymous worlds.

Parents get angry if their kids don’t have a chance to be the stars of the team. Players get angry if they’re not the stars of the team. Is he doing what he can to help his mentees in Narcotics Anonymous or is he too busy? Perhaps he doesn’t want to be part of that world anymore because the memory hurts too much.

He isn’t worried so much about finding a romance as he is in being able to see his son again.

He has some things he has to work out. It would be great if he knew someone in Brightwood he trusted with his problems.

39, Soccer coach, human Ryan Phillippe

Edwin was born in Brightwood and has grown up here. He ran away from home when he was 15 and has never returned. he didn’t want to follow his parents’ rules. He doesn’t want to follow the arbitrary rules of society either. He lives by going through the trash and fighting food there, or going through the garbage outside of restaurants. He has slept outside on park benches, or just on the grass under the beautiful stars above him. When he needs shelter, he’ll pick the lock of a motel room or an abandoned old house and sleep on a bed or a couch. He is a thief out of necessity. He has tried to warn the citizenship of brightwood that some weird things are happening here by writing a letter to the editor to the Nova Tribune, but expects that to fall on blind eyes, so he’ll investigate the matter himself and send them more letters signed eos.

Besides being a thief and breaking into houses, Edwin’s really a very nice guy. He will need friends to help shelter him or possibly give him food, or just help him out, should he need it. He could meet people in the library or when he goes to the motel to get food, he might talk to the guy behind the counter. He won’t tell him, of course, that he’s broken into one of the motel rooms and is illegally staying there.

Did I mention that he breaks into motel rooms sometimes and stay in them illegally? No doubt, he’ll get caught one day and that won’t end well. Will people like him breaking into their houses that he thinks have been abandoned and perhaps they aren’t empty? Will people like him going through the garbage of their restaurants and eating the leftovers? Will they help him out? He’s a thief out of necessity.

ROMANTIC he’s a very good looking guy and no doubt, people will find him attractive, but they might want him to take a bath or shower first.

While he might be homeless and jobless, he’s a very nice guy and tries to help anyone he might find who needs it.

18, Homeless kid, human Jake T. Austin

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