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 Mars Attacks
Meghan Madison
 Posted: Oct 21 2017, 12:41 PM

Meghan Madison

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Meghan had a small smile on her face as she closed the front door and locked it after watching her friend Nix speed off, still feeling the rush of the concert and leftover high. Thankfully her parents had gone to Denver for a conference, leaving no one to question her current condition as she slowly stumbled her way up stairs to her bedroom. Finding her way quick, Meghan was soon falling upon the bed and before long was asleep.

It was dark when a loud crash from somewhere downstairs startled the seventeen year old awake, and Meghan sat up with a jerk, blinking furiously for a couple moments as her mind worked to figure out what was going on. Another loud bang causes her to almost fall off the bed as she jumps in sudden fear, and then as quiet as she could, Meghan slipped from the bed and padded barefoot towards the closet to grab her baseball bat.

Just as she grabs a hold of it, Meghan’s body half hidden in the closet, she could hear someone in the hallway and moving closer with alarming speed. With little thought past a desperation to escape this unharmed, as the intruder joins her in the bedroom Meghan lets out a banshee like shriek and charges the figure, swinging the bat wildly and meaning business.

“Picked the wrong house Asshole!” She yells as she attacks, mistakenly thinking the ‘burglar’ to have come alone, something she would soon come to realize was her most tragic mistake.
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