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 Blood On The Scales, tag Ava
James Foley
 Posted: Oct 2 2017, 12:16 AM

James Foley

/ / Members

While James was not deluded enough to think himself able to count among the ‘good’ guys of the world, he did consider himself loyal with some moderate level of honor, and he certainly had a code. His crimes, as awful as some of them might be, were all done in the course of doing business. He made honest effort not to harm bystanders, he didn’t abuse children, and he didn’t stalk or do worse to women.

The same could not be said of the man ‘resting’ in his trunk, who had been spotting lurking around town again just three days ago after the MC had run him out two years prior. He had been a tattoo enthusiast and been giving trouble to James’ girl Ava Carver, as well as one of her cousins Kassandra, ultimately being caught stalking Ava. They had warned him never to come back, and now he was going to learn the hard way.

Not until Ava arrived though, no the man was not for him but a gift for her, even if James was certain that she would end up sharing the kill. He had already dug the hole that awaited Cole, and a smile formed on his face as he heard the sound of his girlfriend’s motorcycle in the distance. He wished he had his as well, but that would have raised too many flags when he attempted to bring the stalker here after knocking the shit out of him.

He gets out of the car then and shuts the door behind him before heading around to the back and sitting against the trunk as he pulls out a cigarette and waits on the arrival of the tiny but dangerous blonde, smirking a little as he hears the well tied prisoner begin to stir within the confines of the sealed compartment at his back.

This oughta be a fun night.
Ava Carver
 Posted: Oct 11 2017, 09:38 PM

Ava Carver

Teagan / Human / Members

Something about being on the road just soothed the soul. Ava’s pulse thumped in her veins in all its adrenaline fueled splendor. She drank in the sweet night air like nothing else in the world mattered, and in that moment it didn’t. She had the freedom to do anything and everything her heart desired, an unstoppable family at her back, and a wonderful beau waiting for her over the next hill. While everyone else in quiet little Brightwood was settling in for the night, she was revved up and ready for anything.

He had said he had a surprise for her when they talked over the phone. Normally Ava hated surprises! And who could blame her with all the trouble that came knocking at her door on a regular basis? Not to mention creepy stalkers lurking around town. She was raised to be tough, and she knew how to take care of herself, but there was still something to be said for a quiet life and peace of mind. Of course,
she knew better than to think that would ever be her life, but a girl could dream.

She pulled up behind the old wheat silo out on Noble Wynd right on time, and threw her arms around her fiancé’s neck. “Hey baby,” she giggled, lapping up the taste of tobacco and mischief on his lips. “So what’s this big surprise you have planned?”
James Foley
 Posted: Oct 12 2017, 02:39 PM

James Foley

/ / Members

James was midway through the cigarette a couple minutes later when Ava finally drove onto the small lot and her motorcycle’s headlight illuminated his form with enough brightness that he had to lift his free hand up in front of his eyes to shield them for a moment until the light dimmed as his lover slowed to a stop and killed the engine of her bike. A wide smile forms on his face as she approaches and he pulled the cigarette free from his lips and tossed it to the ground before crushing it underfoot as Ava reached him and James found himself wrapped in a hug.

His grin widened as her verbalized greeting and question coincides with, or perhaps rather is the cause of renewed struggles by Cole from within the confines of the trunk, and with a bit of reluctance James pulls away from Ava to look at the closed hatch for a moment before his gaze returns to the blonde biker.

“Well Hunter was out doing some business with a few of the college users, over at one of the motels nearby, happened to run into an old… friend of ours that was told well and good to stay gone.” The club enforcer replies as he steps back a couple feet and pulls the keys from the pocket of his MC cut, before quickly unlocking and opening the compartment. He then moved aside to give Ava a good view of the man that Hunter and Shane had spent an hour working over before calling him, rope securely binding and inhibiting much of any movement past wasted flailing. “The rest of the club thought you might to pass final punishment, and I didn’t disagree given what he tried to do to you..”

James really just hoped she wouldn’t be too mad that he’d not told her immediately, he hated upsetting her.
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