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 [v] Hollow Windows, F Aug 18 Evening, (Melanie + Angelo + OPEN)
Angelo Mayweather
 Posted: Oct 12 2017, 02:37 AM

Angelo Mayweather

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His head was bowed and his head was in his hands, he looked up to check on the women for a second and noted that Melanie's face was wet. He wasn't the smartest man around, but he knew the roof hadn't suddenly been ripped off and rain had started dropping inside. No, the woman was crying. It was awkward, and he frowned a little. He had never been very good at comforting others, call it a side effect of his messed up childhood. He looked away, rubbing a hand over his thigh and listened to the laughter that came. It sounded like it was tunneling through a funnel, too tight and restricted. "Never been one to throw away my troubles on a bottle of beer or glass one wine, but you never know," he answered, shrugging. He wanted some werther's original and a cup of milk right now. One of his go to drugs.

He shook his head, looking up with a reassuring smile. "It's fine. It's possible I may not have heard Bella's scream, because I was in the middle of a movie. So, the distraction was welcome." It was true, the only thing he usually listened for was the bell above the lobby door dinging the arrival of a new customer. Everything else was tuned out as he watched a Disney film or some other film.

He blinked, frowning deeper as he looked at her. "You had no idea about what? This? Of course not. At least I don't think you would." What a strange thing to say and if he didn't know better, it sounded like she was freaking out. Oh boy, this wouldn't end well. He could see her fingers digging into the arm of the chair and he started calculating what he could do to calm her down and get her to focus. He wasn't too worried about cops thinking they had anything to do with this. He was the clerk, Bella was the cleaning lady and well... well, it was kinda odd that the young woman was here when this happened. That she was a reporter to top it off. After a supposedly small time story.

Okay, yeah. She might have something to be worried about.

With that thought finished, she was gone from the room and he could hear the bathroom sink running. She was definitely panicking. Okay, he could do this. She needed comfort. She needed to be reassured. He stood up and walked toward the bathroom, just as he was about to knock on the door, she came out. He watched her with a look of sympathy, and nodded slowly. Briefly he reached out and placed a hand on her shoulder, squeezing gently before allowing his hand to fall. "Hey, it is going to be fine. The only thing we have to worry about is possibe circumstance being suspect but even then it doesn't matter. You and I were chatting when we heard the scream. Bella was here to clean up. The police aren't going to suspect us at all but at least be prepared for hard questions that need answers. We're people in a screwed up situation and I really don't think any of us are killers."
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