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 Abduction Project Directive
 Posted: Aug 10 2017, 12:49 PM


Puppet Master / Starseed / Admin

Hello child of earth. This is your captain speaking.

Do not be alarmed! You have been chosen to be a part of a critical mission to further the development of your species. It is our duty as your galactic elders to guide you through this process. Please be aware, we mean you no harm. Though you may not remember, each and every one of you has been brought along of your own free will.

During your stay, you will be of great assistance in our understanding of your people. You may experience tissue extractions and/or mind scans. This information is crucial in our efforts. It helps us to understand your biology and your culture, so that we may better serve you.

Some of you may be fitted with implants and DNA upgrades while others may be a part of our hybridization program. We assure you that all of this is done for the betterment of your kind to help bring you into the galactic community as strong and reliable members of society.

As much as we have learned from you and will continue to learn. It is only fair that we return the favor. Though some of you are not ready to consciously be aware of your lessons, you will all receive mentorship along the way to help you understand your role in the universe.

On return to earth, each participant is wiped so as to protect our mission. You may experience some disorienting and distressing symptoms such as nose bleeds, sleepwalking, insomnia, ringing ears, etc. We will be monitoring you, and we will assist in any way that we are able.

Go in Peace and keep and eye on the skies
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