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 Posted: Aug 4 2017, 07:38 AM


Puppet Master / Starseed / Admin


Alexander Ludwig - Bryce Shannon
Bruce Willis - James Miller
Ian Somerhalder - James Braxton
Iwan Rheon - Dominic Garza
Jake T. Austin - Edwin Sieres
Jared Padalecki - Joshua King
Jeffery Morgan - Jeremiah Snowden
Jensen Ackles - Angelo Mayweather
Norman Reedus James Foley
Ryan Phillipe - Jamin Harkner


Anna Popplewell - Melanie Hayes
Emilie de Ravin - Ava Carver
Hailee Hirsh - Katherine Fitzpatrick
Hayley Williams -Serena Fitzpatrick
Jennifer Lawrence - Laura Braxton
Katie Stewart - Kassandra Fitzpatrick
Nicki Clyne - Kyra Carver



Faceclaims may be reserved for two weeks
Two Renewals

Emilia Clarke - Kasra Koni - Teagan
Joshua Jackson - Teagan
Nicki Aycox - Siobhan Vondas - Dr. Gonzo
Hanna Koczewska - Meghan Madison - Dr. Gonzo
Kimiko Glenn - Juliette Snowden - Teagan


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