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 Newbie Guide, Everything you need to know
 Posted: Aug 4 2017, 11:06 PM


Puppet Master / Starseed / Admin

Registration Step by Step
  • Register your OOC account first
    • This account will come in handy for creating characters, plotting, absence notices, and other OOC fun.
    • This will also be the account used in our points system to buy new characters and other such items
  • Using your OOC account, submit an application for your first character and follow the same procedure for an additional characters
    • A character may not use the same name as any other character on the board. Characters made before this rule was put in place however will be allowed to keep their names
    • Please see the Abduction Project Directive
    • Additional Information that may come in handy while creating your character can be found in the Lore Section and in the City Directory.
  • Once your character has been accepted, you may then register an account using that character's First and Last name using proper capitalization.
  • Avatars should be 250 x 350
  • Using your OOC account create a plot page
  • For further Character Development and general fun, we have created a games section
    • Participation in these games is entirely optional, though it will earn you points
 Posted: Aug 10 2017, 01:27 PM


Puppet Master / Starseed / Admin

  • 18+
  • No Activity Checks
  • No Word count requirement
    • We do however ask that you make each IC post at least a paragraph long to ensure that your posting partner has enough to respond to
    • For the sake of the flow of our threads, please keep all IC posts in third person past tense
  • Mature content is allowed
    • EXCEPTION: While our overall site rating is 333, any threads involving underage characters (including open threads that underage characters may join) must be kept to 312
    • Please mark all mature threads with an [L] for Language - [SL] for Suggestive Language, [V] for Violence, [S] for Sex, or [M] for all or any combination of the above.
  • Headline Format
    • ([M] when applicable) Title - Date, Time of Day (participants or OPEN)
  • No OOC Drama
    • Please be respectful of other members at all times
    • Consequences for breaking the rules are entirely at the discretion of our staff
 Posted: Aug 10 2017, 01:35 PM


Puppet Master / Starseed / Admin

Points System
Waived during Beta

Due to the fact that we impose so few hard and fast rules, we will be using the points system to keep order and fairness, and to encourage activity. All members who join during our soft open will be considered founding members and will be awarded additional points once beta is ended.

How to Earn Points

+300 - New Register (Player Account)
+1 - per word for each IC post
+50 - awarded with Of the Month status
+100 - Recruiting Bonus for recruiter and recruit
Games Rewards Vary

Staff may award extra points for various contributions to our community such as coding or advertising

How to Spend Points

- New Characters
-Upgrades and Implants
-Special Skills
- Advanced Technology

-More to Come
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