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 Posted: Aug 7 2017, 12:06 AM


Puppet Master / Starseed / Admin

Brightwood City Map

user posted image

Nearby Cities:
Medicine Lodge to the north
Kiowa to the south
Attica to the east
Deerhead to the west

Brightwood being a small town, there are some things that will not be available in town. Sometimes you will need to go to the next town over. Travel time to any of these nearby cities is between 15-40 minutes, Deerhead and Attica being further away than Medicine Lodge and Kiowa.

 Posted: Aug 7 2017, 02:09 AM


Puppet Master / Starseed / Admin

Public Services and Corporate Buildings

Brightwood City Hall - Old Sky Avenue
Nova County PD - Old Sky Avenue
Dominic Garza - Homicide Detective
Nova County Animal Control - Zenith Ridge
Brightwood Library - Old Sky Avenue
Nova County Recreational Center - Harvest Gate
Jamin Harkner - Soccer Coach

Crown Hill Motel - Silent Pines Parkway
Angelo Mayweather - Night Clerk

North Star General Hospital - Silent Pines Parkway
Pinevale Clinic - Harvest Gate
Meridian Mental Health Center Foggy Hearth
Jeremiah Snowden - Psychiatrist

Holy Trinity House of Prayer Harvest Gate
Mosaic Fellowship Lost Orchard Lane

Keystone Institute - Zenith Ridge
Juliette Snowden - Fashion Design Major (freshman year)
Keystone Laboratories - Old Sky Avenue
Evan Holbrook - Environmental Field Chemist
Horizon High School - Old Sky Avenue
Hayden Wells - Student (senior year)
Serena Fitzpatrick - Student (senior year)
Little Valley Elementary School - Harvest Gate

Media Outlets

Nova Tribune - Zenith Ridge
Melanie Hayes - Reporter
KZOA Radio Station - Zenith Ridge

Restaurants and Shops

New Generation Credit Union - Old Sky Avenue

Sweet Dreams Bakery - Zenith Ridge
Evening Star Diner - Zenith Ridge
Kristie's Cafe - Old Sky Avenue
Solstice Bar and Grill - Old Sky Avenue
Bryce Shannon - Bartender
Slice of Life Pizzeria - Harvest Gate

Wagner's Market Grocery Store - Harvest Gate
Homeland Pharmacy - Zenith Ridge
Cottontail's Liquor Store - Harvest Gate
Maverick's Country Store - Foggy Hearth
Stuff and Things Antiques - Zenith Ridge
Joshua King - Owner
Gypsy Cloud Tattoo and Piercing Parlor - Lost Orchard Lane
Tainted Ink Tattoo Parlor - Dewey Crest
Kassandra Fitzpatrick - Tattooist
Mr Suds Coin Laundry - Old Sky Parkway
Always in Bloom Florist - Harvest Gate
Laura Braxton - Florist
Pluto's Garage - Foggy Hearth
James Braxton - Mechanic
Purgatory Garage and Biker Bar - Dewey Crest

Parks and Farms

West River Botanical Gardens - Old Sky Avenue
Midland Meadows - Foggy Hearth
Silver Oak State Park - Dewey Crest
Summit Park - Lost Orchard Lane

Twisted Pines Nursery - Dewey Crest
Mooseridge Farm - Dewey Crest
Hollybrook Farmstead - Crystal Downs

 Posted: Aug 12 2017, 03:11 PM


Puppet Master / Starseed / Admin


Zenith Ridge

Old Sky Avenue

Harvest Gate
1178 - James Braxton and Laura Braxton

Dewey Crest
4194 - Bryce Shannon

Foggy Hearth

Silent Pines Parkway
257 - Joshua King

Lost Orchard Lane
514 - Melanie Hayes

Crystal Downs
950 - Angelo Mayweather

Highland Village Apartment Complex
Apt 23 - Kyra Carver

Noble Wynd Pike
 Posted: Aug 22 2017, 02:05 AM


Puppet Master / Starseed / Admin

Abductee Identification Numbers

0555450209 - Jeremiah Snowden
1196036855 - Evan Holbrook
1484878374 - Kyra Carver
2292522390 - Angelo Mayweather
2972881278 - Serena Fitzpatrick
3035376996 - James Braxton
3696161905 - Hayden Wells
4136871795 - Kassandra Fitzpatrick
4136871796 - Katherine Fitzpatrick
4483915024 - Joshua King
5051137698 - Ava Caarver
5333407586 - Dominic Garza
5785306450 - James Foley
6097554964 - Laura Braxton
6882031854 - Juliette Snowden
7039174437 - Meghan Madison
7340375482 - Jamin Harkner
8420846278 - Bryce Shannon
8830086747 - Melanie Hayes
8929111480 - James Miller
9699578504 - Edwin Sieres

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